Intermittent fasting promotes youthfulness and longevity

???Intermittent fasting, the process by which the body is deprived calories from food for period of time then followed by feeding and the process repeated, has been associated with various indicators of extended lifespan and sustained youth. Such indicators include reduction in the onset of aging conditions such as Alzheimer and, Parkinson’s disease.

Fasting is thought to create a form of stress which triggers the cells of the body to boost their defense system. The mechanism through which it achieves this has been explained in various publications based on some human and animal clinical trials, pre-existing theories ??????????and age old practices. For instance fasting has been linked with increase in the levels of particular proteins called chaperone proteins. These proteins prevent the gathering of foreign molecules into the cells as they could have damaging effect on the cell. It also prevents the death of cells by increasing the levels of a molecule which does this. This molecule is called brain derived neurotropic factor or BDNF, a protein which protects stressed cells from damage. People who suffer from conditions such as depression and Alzheimer have been found to have low levels of this protein.

Conditions of aging such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s can be caused by the body’s failure to remove damaged molecules from the body. It is important for these molecules to be removed and be replaced by new ones otherwise these leads to deteriorated bodily functions. Through fasting the process of removal of this damaged cells is enhanced thereby preventing these conditions.

The theory of the anti-aging impact of intermittent fasting further supported by the feeding patterns of ancient times in relation to the brain functioning. Researchers have linked starvation due to extended periods of farming to improved thinking capabilities. That is, when the body undergoes starvation, brain activity is increased allowing the primate to think of better ways to get food or make it last longer. Fasting is therefore seen as a significant process in the revolutionary advancement of the human body, it is therefore recommended to adopt it as a key route to promote youth and long life.

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