Nasal Spray Addiction Made Simple

Nasalspray addictedWe have already read about nasal drops in general and main functions of it. The most actual this question is now, when it’s winter outside. It seems that it is obvious that when you have treating common colds, you firstly and immediately turn to nasal drops. Without any doubts it is the most easier and popular way out and indeed it is the most effective way of getting rid of stuffy nose.

But we should remember about the measure in everything. Abuse is the first step to complications. I have never paid much attention to the effect of the nasal drops, until few days ago we were talking with my friends and one of them told the story after which I understood that actually we have to pay particular attention and should be very careful.

It’s a story about dependence from nasal drops and sprays. Everything started with a simple cold, she simply had a snuffle. And when her mother suggested her to do steam inhalation with Eucalyptus essential oil for several days, she became very angry. What her mother is talking about?!  Why should she waste so much time and efforts if there are nasal drops and in few days everything would be as usual. But after few days, the situation stayed unchanged.

After using nasal drops for 2 weeks she felt dependent from it. It may sound funny, but she felt like a narcotics user. She couldn’t stop using it, in case she did, she started to pant. Then the cold left, but the problems with nose stayed with her and only another portion of drops let to remove the nasal at least for some minor period of time. It’s a story of acquisition of chronic rhinitis.

Narrowing the blood vessels, the drug increases nasal openings. But if you do it often, roughly speaking, lash vessels, like ride a horse to death, they cease to respond. But this does not mean that vasoconstrictor drugs are bad they are needed, for example, in acute rhinitis. With only one important notes: ” do not use nasal drops and sprays more than five days! “. Read article about quality of nasal sprays.

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