Bromocriptine, another drug for your problems

Bromocriptine is a dopamine agonist drug ( it acts like dopamine in the brain) that has been used for the treatment of Parkinson, menstrual problem,acromegaly. Can prevent the production of a chemical called prolactain , treating some types of infertility. Bromocriptine is prescribed for medical conditions.

Better libido with bromocriptine

Bromocriptine is a drug who have been using for sexual enhacement.If you have some problems with your sexually life you can take this pills but the main disadvantage is after the 3rd usage the effect wears off. Is not recommended to take day by day this pills because in time can have negative effects.

Like any drug has negative effects: confusion, hallucinations, runny nose,anxiety, bloody,etc. If you have this sign is must to call a doctor and stop take the bromocriptine.

Bromocriptine is a strong medicine recommended by doctor and if you want to take it for sexual stimulation is important to speak with a doctor. The pills are strong and if you don’t know the recommended dose you can take (accidentally)a supradoze and you can die. Is important to tell a doctor what is you affection and the treatment you follow because is important to know if bromocriptine is a right pills what you need.

To take drugs is not a joke and if you have problems with you sexually life, you have some problems with your health is necessary to go to the doctor and to follow the right treatment.

Bromocriptine is a drugs used for many diseases but shoud be taken only on medical advice.

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