Future diabetes can be predicted from hospital hyperglycaemia


Researchers in the latest development have found a significant association between acute illness and hyperglycaemia. According to them the measure of hyperglycaemia during illness may be used as a warning of future diabetes. The team of researchers from University Hospital Centre Rebro, Croatia followed patients for 5 years before they were discharged from hospital. There were around 398 ICU patients who were norm glycaemia and out of them 14 developed type II diabetes. In the hyperglycaemia group 193 patients finished follow up and out of them 33 developed type II diabetes.

According to researcher Ivan Gornik, endocrine and metabolic changes probably occur in all acutely ill patients, but hyperglycaemia is not always present. From this the researchers hypothesised that hospital acquired hyperglycaemia can reveal patient’s predisposition to impaired glucose control which could lead to diabetes in future.

Researchers defined hyperglycaemia as glucose>=7.8 mmol/l. The results showed that patients with hyperglycaemia during illness, who are not diagnosed with diabetes or pre diabetes after hospitalisation should be perceive as patients with increased risk of developing diabetes and should be monitored accordingly.


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