Exercise and anti ageing benefits

Exercise can help us in maintaining our body weight. Exercise also helps in slowing the aging process. Many people believe that as we are all living longer, it has never been more important to exercise into our later years in order to maintain good health & strength.
In order to take the anti-aging benefits of exercise, it is not necessary to be a fanatic, or do it exhaustively and vigorously. Even if an older person who has not exercised much in his or her life, taking only 30 minute walks or gardening can give great health benefits, and prolong the quality of life.
Aerobic activity alone is not enough for the most optimal benefits. As we grow older, it does not help to support our muscles and weight. Strength training is very important as it increases balance, strength, and improves the posture. The likelihood of developing osteo or rheumatoid arthritis can be reduced by Strength training.

Maintaining independence as we grow older is the most important factor in exercise. For older people, independence is priceless. By moderate exercise which includes strength training, the motor functions will keep working properly, the chance of falling decreases, and the confidence to perform tasks remains and increases. Strength training of some type is also helpful to increase the metabolism and also in controlling increase in body weight in later life.

There are many benefits of exercise. Moderate exercise helps to slow down the aging process and also help in relieving the problems that are commonly associated with getting older, some of which are:
• Relieving insomnia
• Relieving back and joint pain
• Reliving stress and tension
• Increasing sociability
• Increasing flexibility
• Increasing muscle tone
• Maintaining a healthy weight
Exercise should not be scary or painful. The exercise can be fun, and can provide many benefits beyond physical health. The exercise in addition to helping us age gracefully, it also helps us to keep our independence, helps to maintain a high quality of life, gives us more self-confidence to do anything, and it can be a great social outlet. While growing older is scary, the fears can be diminished a bit by taking control of our life and body, and naturally slowing down the aging process through moderate exercise and strength training.

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