Blueberries helpful against anti aging

Blueberries contains highest amount of anti-oxidants. It provides all the essential nutrients to the body and also provides health benefits by supplying anti oxidant power.

Anti oxidants are believed to fight against free radicals and chronic conditions in the body which are linked with the process of aging. They work by protecting the cells there by providing resistance against aging. Blueberries contain 0.8 mg of Vitamin E per serving and 14 mg of Vitamin C per cup along with phenolics and anthocyanins which act as useful antioxidant.

Among all the benefits of blueberries, anthocyanins  is believed to restrict the memory loss cause due to aging. It is also believed to increase the behavioural learning and memory and also help to regulate loss in motor skills and cognitive functions. Blueberries also have a beneficial impact on balance and coordination which results due to age. Tannin, flavonals and anthocyanins may assist in cancer prevention. It lowers the chances of cognitive deterioration associated with Alzheimer’s and also reduces the risk of strokes. Being less in calories blueberries serves to be as a best snack.

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