Laughter is a great anti aging medicine

It has been observed that stress invites disease & also accelerate aging. Any thing done to reduce the stress is good. It has been proved by scientists that laughter help in reducing stress. .Laughter prevents stress and stops the formation of unwanted damaging stress hormones into the body.
Our immune system is suppressed by release of cortisol into the bloodstream under stress but even a smile can directly enhance the immune system.
It is in our interests to find the funny side of every stressful situation and the more we can laugh about it the better. .
The laughing also provides a cardiac workout. Laughter helps in clearing out the lungs and body tissues of accumulated stale air – when we laugh we give out more air than we can take in – so it is beneficial for patients suffering from respiratory problems. Laughter also increases muscle flexion, relaxation and blood circulation in the body.
During laughing Endorphins is released which our body’s natural painkillers are giving a general sense of well being.
It had been found that the benefits of laughter can be repeated by recalling the laughter and what caused it when we are involved in funny situation or watching a funny film. During this period the immune boosting response is repeated and endorphins are released a second time into our bloodstream.
Laughing is really a delightful and no cost anti aging health strategy. Hence it is advised to enjoy the joke and hold on to it for the future – we never know when we may need it!

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