Skin cancer can be prevented by calorie restriction

Researchers have found that there is a relation between type of diets and risk of having cancer. The chances of having cancer are high in fatty diets as compared to caloric restricted diets. The research is significant as it is done on skin epithelium and most of cancers are from epithelium.

The experiment was based on dietary influence on mice. The diets were of four types, two with caloric restrictions of 30 and 60 percent, one control diet with fats as 10 percent energy source and one fatty diet with 60 percent energy source from fats.  The mice were induced with precancerous stage lesions called papillomas. The result was that the mice with caloric restricted diets had very less lesion formation as compared to other mice.

The pathways for cancer development are activated by fatty diet. The two pathways, Akt and mTOR are activated by activation of cell receptors of epidermal growth factor(EGFR) and insulin like growth factor(IGF-1R). These pathways are linked to spread the precancerous lesions, and growth and proliferation of different type of cancer. The research clearly indicates the benefits of calorie restricted diets and the risk associated with obesity.


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