Anti aging glycopeptides promising against diabetes

Protokinetics is a biotechnology company that has developed and patented a family of synthetic anti aging glycoproteins for medical purpose. The anti aging concept by the company has been demonstrated in the laboratory to enhance and extend life of biological cells that are subjected to extreme stress condition.

One of the potential approaches to treat type 1 diabetes is the transplantation of insulin producing islet cells into the body. Transplanting cells from donor requires the patient receiving cells to be on immune suppressing drugs so that the islets can survive and develop. Producing islets from the person having type 1 diabetes increases the chances of islets survival, but such production involves immense difficulty. To decrease the severity of this purpose the differentiation of pluripotent stem cells islet cells has been done in laboratory which can be prove helpful for the treatment of type 1 diabetes.

Increasing the number of available stem cells to convert them into pancreatic islet cells would increase the number of islet cells that can be further implanted.  Protokinetics have said that studies conducted by universities have shown a remarkable increase in the output of stem cells after cryopreservation using anti aging glycopeptides (AAGP).

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