Anti ageing wonder drug discovered by Russian scientist

In a very recent development, as a ray of hope for the people across the world a Russian scientist Vladimir Skulachyov has claim to discover an anti oxidant that can help people to restrict ageing. Vladimir, a bioenergetic professor in Moscow was working on this concept since last 40 years. According to the theory 99% of the time oxygen turns into harmless water and only one percent turns into super oxide  which later turns into poisonous elements. So the scientist concentrated to find an anti oxidant that prevents that process.

If this wonderful discovery lives up to the promise than the impact would be huge in preventing ageing and elevating the prospect of better and healthy life. Testing of almost two more years will be done on this compound. Colleagues and other reputed scientists have strong belief on vladimir’s theory as it has been shown that oxidative damage is huge, but anti oxidant of the type which vladimir have developed was not there before. Currently the proposed compound is tested on animals. Specifically the rats have shown positive results after consuming it. The drug is already been dubbed as panacea by some of the people.

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